The Tolerance Traveling Poster Show

This poster is part of The Travelling Tolerance Poster Show curated by NY designer Mirko Ilić. While working on this poster, I took a long time to think and make some notes about tolerance, what it means to me, how it influences the way I see the world. After some introspection and sketches, I ended up with an idea that I found worthy of pursuing. I designed a set of letters that say TOLERANȚĂ (tolerance in Romanian) on the left edge of the poster and a different one on the right side. In between, there are a lot of combos with the corresponding letters, pieces, or remains of letters/tolerance or repetitions that form characters. For me, tolerance means seeing the bigger picture, it may be confusing at first glance, some people may see more and some less. Some of the letters I designed are weird, complicated, or have odd perspectives. This was also another layer I added to the metaphor that tolerance often needs a change of perspective to be understood.