The project was featured in Welcome to Typocracy book by Fontself, launched at Adobe MAX.

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This project started one day when I decided I need to draw more letters from real life and I found a photo with a street sign from Spain, on @typesofcities, that said "lampisteria". The letters were simple, geometric and somehow they reminded me of my childhood years when I used to see similar letters on the shop facades of newly out-of-communism Romania. I did a little research on this type of letters and I found similar ones all over Europe, but especially in Italy, as reminisces of the Art Deco Era. Luckily, by the time I started building an alphabet from these few letters, I found out about Fontself which was an amazing tool that allowed me to make a colored typeface and saved me a lot of time. It also eased my process as I thought it would be great if I could add to my typeface some patterns, and so I ended up with Lampisteria Regular, Lines, Reverse Lines, Dots and Waves, with each character containing four alternates with different colors and patterns placing. Another fun part of the process was playing around and creating a lot of patterns, borders, and frames using the characters.